About Us

We are a family owned business with more than 35 years experience in the glazing industry with Master Glazier Certification. We are a locally run honest business.

Our vision is to allow the everyday home the opportunity to have energy efficient and noise control glass at affordable prices and to serve our community dependably in both the domestic and commercial market.

We specialize in architectural glazing, office partitioning and frameless glass entrance doors.

We have a focus on safety, quality and affordability.

Did you know that glass is a major contributor to reducing your power bills and saving energy.

We offer a no obligation quote and after sales support.

What we can do for you-

It has always been a paramount aim to make a particular home energy efficient and free from exterior noise. The glasses that we manufacture are not only durable and affordable but something that allows maintaining the aesthetics of the property.

Having expertise in architectural glazing along with office portioning and frameless glass entrance doors, you can count us in a blindfolded manner. We are also accredited for being one of the best professional units for glass repair in Success, WA.